Alberta CFL Players Seeking Right to Pursue Workers’ Compensation Claims

As high-profile claims continue to roil in various professional sports leagues in the United States, the Canadian Football League continues to litigate its own protections for injured players. In Alberta, a three-member panel was created to review existing workers’ compensation legislation to review whether coverage should be provided to injured professional football players.

Unlike in the U.S., where professional football players are provided with workers’ compensation coverage, players in Canada are exempt from those protections and afforded one year of rehabilitation. Given that the starting salary for a CFL player averages close to $52,000 and average salary is approximately $86,000, players assert that the CFL should be treated like any other workplace and substantial long-term coverage should be afforded.

The panel is expected to provide a report in Spring 2017 following review of statements and questionnaires from the public, parties, and injured workers. Players in other provinces will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on the outcome of Alberta’s investigation.

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