Pepperdine Golf Coach Requests to Remain in Libel Suit Against Her and Her Husband

Pepperdine University’s women’s golf coach, Laurie Gibbs, has requested that a California federal court not dismiss her from a suit against Gibbs and her husband. The suit claims that the highly successful golf coach and her husband sent anonymous emails defaming College Golf Camps of America LLC (CGCA). On July 15, 2016, Gibbs filed a motion requesting that the court deny the motion for voluntary dismissal. Gibbs is appearing pro se in the case.

The lawsuit was initiated in October 2014, when CGCA claimed that unknown defendants sent anonymous messages to college golfing professionals, including coaches and NCAA officials, which smeared the camp. In March 2016, CGCA amended their complaint to name Gibbs and her husband, Christopher, after it was learned that the emails originated from the Gibbs’ IP address.

Gibbs suggests that CGCA attempted to harass her into a settlement. Once CGCA became aware that it could not use Gibbs’ reputation and position to leverage a settlement, the party moved to dismiss her from the claim. Gibbs admits that the evidence suggests her husband sent the anonymous emails. Gibbs moved for summary judgment, seeking finality in the proceeding.

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