A New Elimination Game: ESPN Sued Over Fantasy Sports Game

On Thursday, June 25, Suicide Fantasy Sports LLC filed a lawsuit in a California federal court over alleged patent infringement with respect to one of ESPN’s fantasy sports games.  In the complaint, Suicide alleges that ESPN’s “Gridiron Challenge” uses an elimination-based or “suicide” fantasy sports model that infringes on its patent from 2013.

According to the complaint, Suicide reached out to ESPN in 2013 regarding the patent and a potential license.  ESPN declined, explaining that it would be discontinuing the elimination part of its game.  However, Suicide alleged that ESPN again launched the “Gridiron Challenge” in 2014 and “recanted on its previous position and did not indicate an intent to cease use.

Suicide seeks an injunction to prevent ESPN from continuing to infringe on its patent and asks for damages enhanced and/or trebled for willful infringement.  ESPN has not yet been reached for comment.

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