A-Rod Admitted Doping to Federal Agents

On Wednesday, any doubt that Alex Rodriguez had taken performance enhancing drugs was put to rest by the release of a synopsis of the Yankees 3d Baseman’s January meeting with federal prosecutors and DEA agents.  A-Rod admitted to using steroids.

Alex Rodriguez missed the entire 2014 season serving a one year suspension from the MLB for using performance enhancing substances.  However, he never failed a drug test.   Since he was originally targeted for doping after admitting to using performance enhancers in the early 2000’s, Rodriguez has firmly held his stance that he has not used the drugs since and that he was willing to fight the suspension in federal court.  After his meeting with the federal agents and prosecutors, A-Rod gave up the fight and took his suspension quietly.

The meeting with federal agents beginning his change of mind took place on January 29, just a few weeks after an arbitrator upheld his suspension but reduced it from 211 games to a full season, 162.  Rodriguez, under immunity from prosecution, admitted to using banned performance enhancing drugs provided by Antonio Bosch from 2010 to 2012.  He paid Bosch $12,000 a month for the services and substances which included human growth hormone injections, testosterone creams and lozenges, “vitamin cocktail” injections and tips on how to beat MLB drug testing.  The Yankees have yet to comment on the report.

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