Again, Supreme Court Declines to Review NFL Diabetes Suit

The Supreme Court has once again declined to review the case filed by Aurora Moody, who argues on behalf of her son that the NFL discriminated against him because he has diabetes.

The son, Julian Moody, was a teenager when he was involved in the NFL’s high school program. He claimed in his complaint that the NFL barred him from playing in the 2012 national tournament because he has Type 1 diabetes, removing him from their program. Julian Moody claimed emotional damage and argued that participating in the tournament could have led to college football scholarships.

According to the petition, Julian was a legal adult when the suit was filed, at sixteen years old when the NFL ended his time in their program. However, the petition continues, Julian’s mother, Aurora Moody, retained durable power of attorney and was an interested party to the action.

Nonetheless, Aurora Moody argued that her son Julian was allowed to settle the case for $1,000 and tickets to a football game, with her name removed from the suit.

Ms. Moody, who is representing herself, filed a petition for rehearing in December, contending that her right to due process has been unconstitutionally denied. The Supreme Court declined to review the case after the initial petition.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court once again denied to review the petition. As is customary, the court declined to provide a reason for the denial.

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