Apple Acquisition, Beats, Sued by Bose

In Delaware court on Friday, headphone innovator Bose Corporation filed a complaint against Beats Electronics LLC, claiming a loss of business profits from infringement on five patents related to their noise cancelling technology.

This lawsuit comes just two months after Apple announced its intent to purchase Beats Electronics for $3 billion.  Approval of the acquisition is anticipated in September.  In addition, Bose has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against Beats and others for allegedly infringing on the patents of technology Bose spent 30 years researching and developing.  The ITC action is directed at keeping Beats from importing the several products that Bose claims utilizes the stolen technology.    Bose attorneys stated that Beats was informed of the subject infringements, however, Beats did nothing in response.  Bose held the rights to the technology in question from 2004 to  2013.

According to Bose public relations director Carolyn Cinotti, the company doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation, though they are committed to protecting their investment, protecting their customers, and defending the patents they own.  Beats Electronics has declined to comment.

Bose sues Beats for noise cancellation patent infringement

Beats sued by Bose over noise-cancelling patents

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