Arbitration Panel Finds Anti-Doping Policy Violation, Issues One-Year Suspension for Jon “Bones” Jones

On November 7, 2016, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced that an independent three-member arbitration panel determined that UFC fighter Jon “Bones” Jones should receive the maximum one-year suspension for violating the UFC anti-doping policy. The ban is retroactive to when Jones’ test results were first issued on July 6, 2016, which means he will be eligible to return to the UFC beginning in July 2017.

Jones had argued that he believed he was taking a Cialis pill and had checked with USADA to confirm the legality of the drug. However, the pill was not Cialis and resulted in Jones testing positive for two banned substances, clomiphene and letrozol. Per the ruling, “[h]is degree of fault in fact verged on the reckless,” as he is ultimately responsible for what he allows into his body.

While this suspension disappointed an optimistic Jones, the unfortunate news could keep coming. Following this ruling, Jones’ hearing date with the Nevada Athletic Commission was pushed back from November 10. A formal date for this hearing is not yet known, but it eventually could result in a harsher suspension and fine for Jones.

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