Daniel Lust

Daniel E. Lust focuses his practice on defending personal injury and property damage litigation throughout New York State. With substantial experience in e-discovery, Dan has built countless successful defenses using information captured from plaintiffs’ social media accounts and networks, finding the digital “needle in the haystack” to crack open difficult cases. Dan's colleagues frequently have asked him to step in to assist with or lead legal or social-media research into very unique and challenging issues. You can follow Dan on Twitter at: @DLustEsq

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The Perils of Assuming an Unknown Risk: The Anatomy of a $1 Billion Dollar Durant-Warriors Lawsuit

Willis Reed starred in the original and Kevin Durant was poised to headline the remake. Each were legends as a result, but the first was a feel-good story, while the second was a tragedy and one that may lead us to the highest value personal injury lawsuit we’ve ever seen. *** Let’s jump back in the time machine. It’s game seven of the 1970 NBA Finals between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Knicks are coming off a loss in…