Benihana and Benny Hunna Battle For Naming Rights

Benihana, the self-proclaimed “leading Asian themed restaurant chain in the world” (see Notice of Opposition), has brought it’s a-game in a trademark battle with Mississippi’s hottest up and coming rapper and entertainment mogul, Benny Hunna.

Benny Hunna, born Benny Hodges, is an aspiring rapper hailing from Mississippi who filed for a trademark of his rap name with the US PTO in May 2013 to use it as the name of the entertainment empire he is currently building.  His name, however, caught the ear of Noodle Time, Inc., the corporation operating approximately 100 Benihana restaurants across the Americas.  Noodle Time filed an opposition to Benny’s petition because the names sound alike, and Noodle Time believes Benny Hunna will confuse the marketplace and dilute the trademarks they’ve held since 1964.

Benny Hunna, representing himself, will be bringing his one man act to court early next year.

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