‘Birdman’ Production Company Under Attack by Former CEO & Founder

Worldview Entertainment’s much anticipated black comedy, ‘Birdman’ opens in theaters this Friday amid great legal turmoil.  Former CEO and founder, Chris Woodrow, fired back at the production company that fired him with a lawsuit claiming defamation.

Earlier this month, Woodrow’s business partner at Worldview Entertainment, Maria Cestone, brought a lawsuit against the founder claiming misappropriation of funds.  Cestone accused Woodrow and his wife of embezzling more than $700,000 to pay for personal trips to Halifax and Lake Placid and to pay for renovations to his mother’s home.  Cestone’s suit seeks a return of the almost $1 million the Woodrow’s had allegedly stolen.

In response, Chris Woodrow filed suit against Worldview Entertainment and Cestone  seeking a reinstatement of executive producer credits on several Worldview films, unpaid wages, and personal property.  Woodrow claims Cestone denied him access to the Worldview premises and he was never given a formal termination of his employment.  Additionally, he claims Worldview impermissibly accessed his personal email, interfering with his attorney/client relationships and personal business relationships.  Woodrow seeks damages of $55 million.

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