AB 1309 Signed Into Law: New Bar Officially Raised Against “Cumulative Trauma” Type Claims in California

In prior articles (see “Closing the California Workers’ Compensation Loophole: AB 1309 Awaits Governor’s Signature” and “Stemming the California Workers’ Compensation “Gold Rush”: AB 1309”), we have been tracking the status of controversial Assembly Bill 1309, a bill introduced in order to halt “cumulative trauma” claims filed by current or former athletes from across several professional leagues who may have had limited playing time in the State of California, but have filed claims there in order to take advantage of its more-lenient workers’ compensation …

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New Jersey Enacts New Social Media Privacy Bill Affecting Student Athletes

In December 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law “A-2879” which will have a direct impact on an the accessibility of student-athlete social media accounts (what the act terms “social-networking websites”) by employees at institutions of higher learning. The New Jersey bill prohibits any public or private institution of higher education in New Jersey from the following: (read the complete act by clicking here).

  • Requiring a student or applicant for admission to provide or disclose any username or password, or in any
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