Moore & Bertuzzi Officially Reach an Agreement

The decade long legal battle between Todd Bertuzzi and former Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore is officially at rest.  After earlier reports of a potential settlement between Moore and Bertuzzi surfaced about two weeks ago, they were quickly undermined by Steve Moore’s brother, Mark, claiming the deal was a farce to pressure Steve into settling.

The allegations were finally ended on Thursday, however, when Steve Moore released an official statement leaving no suspicion or doubt: “the legal case for the loss of my NHL career …

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Plaintiff Drops out of NFL Apparel Antitrust Lawsuit

On Thursday, August 28, the lead plaintiff in Dang v. San Francisco Forty Niners, Ltd., submitted a stipulation of voluntary dismissal with Judge Davila of the Northern District of California.

Patrick Dang, the lead plaintiff and class representative, has decided to withdraw from the lawsuit he waged against the NFL and Reebok citing health concerns that have begun in May of this year.  The stipulated agreement allows for a withdrawal of plaintiff Dang and a dismissal of his individual claims without prejudice and without an …

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Moore and Bertuzzi Settlement Called Into Question

The announced settlement between Steve Moore and Todd Bertuzzi, ending 10 years of litigation, has been called into question by Moore’s older brother Mark, who denies any such deal was reached.

Merely hours after it was announced that the Moore and Bertuzzi lawsuit was settled outside of court, Mark Moore stated publicly that it is only a ploy.  Mark told reporters that his brother told him there was no deal and that the Moore legal team believes Bertuzzi and the Canucks were trying to pressure …

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Minnesota Will Play Host to NHL Concussion Litigation

On Tuesday, August 19, it was determined that the current pending concussion lawsuits waged against the National Hockey League, will be combined and heard by a federal judge.

Three concussion lawsuits filed by former players against the NHL within the last year were assigned by a Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to District of Minnesota Judge Susan Richard Nelson.  The judge is already presiding over one of the cases, which was filed in July.  The Panel consolidated the cases in Minnesota to provide a …

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Moore & Bertuzzi Reach Settlement; NHL Violence Avoids Spotlight, For Now

After over ten years of trial preparation, Steve Moore has agreed to settlement terms with the Vancouver Canucks and Todd Bertuzzi.  The terms of the settlement remain private, and come less than a month before the scheduled trial start date of September 8.

Moore’s lawsuit arose from a career-ending sucker punch he received on ice  from Todd Bertuzzi, a member of the Canucks, back in March of 2004.  A few weeks prior, Moore landed a questionable body-check on Vancouver’s Captain, Markus Naslund, giving him a …

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Major League Broadcasting Challenged by Blacked-Out Fans

The National Hockey League and Major League Baseball broadcasting policies are headed for trial after the dismissal of their motions for summary judgment in an antitrust lawsuit last week.

The plaintiffs are a class of frustrated NHL and MLB sports fans who filed a lawsuit against the organizations two years ago, claiming the restrictions on local television broadcasting (including blackouts) violate sections of the Sherman Antitrust Act.  The lawsuit alleges that broadcasting territory restrictions and collusion between the leagues and the broadcasting companies unfairly increases …

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Lawsuits Becoming a Headache for NHL as Fourth Concussion Suit is Filed

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, yet another lawsuit was filed against the National Hockey League regarding alleged brain injuries sustained by its players.  This lawsuit is the fourth of its kind to be served on the NHL within the last nine months.  Unlike the other three, this suit was filed by a lone plaintiff, former Boston Bruin John Rohloff.

Rohloff’s complaint, filed in the US District Court for the District of Minnesota, alleges that the NHL either was aware or should have been aware of …

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NHL in Fight with Insurer over Concussion Lawsuits

The National Hockey League is currently being sued in two separate lawsuits by former players who allege that the league concealed the long-term effects of concussions and failed to adequately warn them of the same.  On April 17, the NHL was sued again – this time by one of its insurers (TIG Insurance Co., a New Hampshire-based unit of Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd.), a company that hopes to limit or avoid its duty to defend the league in the existing cases and the new suits …

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Flyers & NHL Settle Class Action Winter Classic Dispute

A $1.1 million settlement has been reached in a putative class action about the 2012 Winter Classic tickets. Philadelphia Flyers season ticket holders sued Comcast Spectator – the team’s owner – and the NHL after being “forced” to purchase tickets to the Winter Classic separately at a significantly higher price.  If approved, the settlement, filed in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey on December 12, 2013 will end the breach of contract action.

On January 2, 2012, the Philadelphia Flyers played in the NHL’s …

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Is it the NHL’s Turn to Take a Hit on Concussions?

On November 25, the National Hockey League was sued by 10 former players in a class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia.  Plaintiffs – which include NHL alumni such as Gary Leeman, Curt Bennett and Richie Dunn – assert that the NHL hasn’t done enough to protect players from the dangers posed by concussions.

Similar to the several thousand plaintiffs who recently settled the concussion litigation against the NFL (for $765 million), these former NHL alums assert that “The NHL’s …

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