PGA Tour Tells Ninth Circuit that Caddies Appeal in Human Billboard Case Does Not Make the Cut

On July 15, 2016, the PGA Tour filed a brief with the Ninth Circuit arguing that the trial court was correct when it dismissed a lawsuit brought by PGA Tour caddies. Previously, a California federal court tossed the proposed class action lawsuit by the caddies claiming that by forcing the caddies to wear bibs of the PGA Tour sponsors they are covering clothing on their chests and treating them like human billboards which is an abuse of power. The Trial court dismissed the suit and …

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Jumping the Gun on Doping: A Golfer’s Lawsuit Against the PGA

On January 29, 2013, professional golfer Vijay Singh admitted to using Ultimate Spray during a Sports Illustrated interview. He thought he was advertising for a product that eased his back pain. Later that day, he found himself in a media hailstorm and facing professional setbacks. He had admitted to using “deer antler spray” that contained a prohibited growth hormone, IGF-1.

The PGA Tour immediately sanctioned Singh and gave him 90-day suspension for violating the PGA Anti-Doping Policy. Immediately, Singh began the process to appeal …

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PGA Tour – Not Quite Out of the Rough Just Yet

On Friday, October 9, 2015, attorneys for a group of professional caddies filed a motion in opposition of dismissal against the PGA Tour, citing violations of antitrust law, the Sherman Act, and the Lanham Act. The class action lawsuit, originally filed in February, centers around the issues of forced advertisement without proper remuneration and unfair trade practices, as the caddies argue the Tour obligated the plaintiffs wear bibs adorned with corporate sponsors not chosen by them at televised tournaments.

In opposition to the now second

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Was Vijay Singh “Singhled” Out?

Late last month, we reported that the PGA Tour asked the court to dismiss Vijay Singh’s public humiliation claims.  While the judge has yet to make a decision on that motion, recently released court transcripts from the oral arguments show that Singh thinks he was discriminated against.

Singh’s attorney claimed that Singh was singled out in his punishment.  He said the tour treated Singh differently than others for some reason.  It could be “because Mr. Singh isn’t from the United States or Mr. Singh didn’t …

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PGA Asks Court to Buck Singh’s Deer-Antler Spray Case

A New York judge must decide whether to dismiss Vijay Singh’s case claiming public humiliation against the PGA Tour.  As we reported at that time, in May, Singh sued the PGA for the “reckless administration and implementation” of its anti-doping program.  On October 24, 2013, the PGA asked the judge to dismiss the case.

In January 2013, Sports Illustrated reported that Singh admitted to using a product called “The Ultimate Spray.”  The spray contains trace amounts of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), which is banned by …

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Green Jacket Flak – Augusta National Sues to Stop Sale of Championship Threads

On March 11, 2013, U.S. District Judge Emily Tobolowsky granted a temporary injunction to the Augusta National Golf Club, which suspends the sale of a fabled green jacket by the Dallas-based company Heritage Auctions.

The dispute between Augusta National and Heritage Auctions arose in February when Dr. Stephen Pyles, a golf memorabilia collector from Florida, attempted to sell Art Wall Jr.’s green jacket from the 1959 Masters Tournament.  Pyles had purchased the jacket at a similar auction last year for $61,452.55.   However, Augusta National claims …

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