Class-Action Suit Against Riddell Dropped

A class-action lawsuit brought against Riddell by former high school and college football players has been dropped. The former players had alleged that Riddell, the NFL’s official helmet maker from 1989 to 2014, misrepresented the degree of safety provided by helmets manufactured by the company. Specifically, the plaintiffs alleged that Riddell falsely claimed in advertising and marketing materials that its Revolution helmets would reduce concussions by 31 percent compared to other helmets on the market, without ever testing them for the type of hits which cause the most concussions.

The plaintiffs also alleged that Riddell failed to warn their customers of the long-term risks of repeated head injuries suffered while wearing the helmets. Riddell responded by describing the suit as “overt lawyer self-promotion and meritless litigation,” and now, the plaintiffs have agreed to drop the case.

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