Clemens’ Defamation Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

On Wednesday March 18, the defamation-based legal dispute between Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Brian McNamee,  arising from allegations that the long-time MLB pitcher used performance enhancing drugs, has finally settled.

The dispute began over 7 years ago with the publication of the now infamous Mitchell Report.  In the report, pitching trainer, Brian McNamee, accused both Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens of taking performance enhancing drugs banned by the MLB.  Though Pettitte quickly admitted to his use, Clemens denied, and continues to deny, any illegal steroid use.  In retaliation, Clemens brought a defamation lawsuit against the trainer, which was thrown out of court.  Both men testified to their position before a congressional committee, resulting in Clemens being tried for perjury.  In 2012, Clemens was acquitted of those charges.

Wednesday’s settlement ends the defamation lawsuit McNamee brought against Clemens as a result of his PED use denials.  McNamee claimed that his reputation was damaged by Clemens’ accusing him of being a liar and mentally unstable.  In settlement, Clemens admits no fault and will pay nothing to McName.  Instead, AIG will foot the bill.  As the defamation claims are covered under Clemens’ homeowner’s policy with AIG, the insurer took the lead in negotiations and determined that settlement would be a more cost-effective way of resolving the lawsuit.  The settlement amount has not been disclosed, and both parties appear content that the dispute is over.

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