Contestant Sues Viacom; “Dating Naked” Was “Not What She Anticipated”

On Friday, August 22, a contestant from VH1’s series “Dating Naked” filed a $10 million lawsuit against Viacom and two other production companies for broadcasting images of her naked.

Jessie Nizewitz, a model from New York, participated in the reality television show “Dating Naked,”  which aired in July.  The show revolves around several male and female participants who strip down to the buff and go on dates with each other in an island paradise.  During an on-beach wrestling incident, Niewitz claims that her genital region was exposed.

The complaint alleges that she received a verbal promise that frontal and genital nudity would be blurred out on television.  The complaint states that after seeing the airing of her genitals, she was “shocked, horrified, and outraged to observe this intrusion into her privacy.”  She immediately began receiving text messages regarding the censor slip, and social media users captured and distributed her naked image.

Nizewitz states she was aware she would be naked but didn’t expect the world to see her completely naked.  As a result of the broadcast, she claims she has suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation, and embarrassment.  Viacom has not commented on the lawsuit.

“Dating Naked” Contestant Files $10 Million Lawsuit After Show Allegedly Bared Her Crotch on TV

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