David Throwing Jabs at Two Goliaths to Keep the Business

Following a couple of left jabs  by some owners of Wrigley Field rooftop clubs at the city of Chicago, another group of rooftop business owners threw a right jab at the Cubs and team chairman Tom Ricketts.

According to the filing, the owners alleged the team blamed the rooftop businesses for a drop in Cubs ticket sales and suggested a price-fixing scheme.  When the business owners declined the suggestion, the Cubs threatened to block their views with six advertising signs, including a video board in left field.  The filing also alleged as the other suit claimed that the team is in violation of the terms of the revenue-sharing contract with the rooftop owners since the contract allowed a non-exclusive license to sell tickets to see Cubs games.

“Although the rooftop license agreement expressly permitted the Cubs to expand the Wrigley Field bleachers . . . under no circumstances were the Cubs permitted to erect windscreens or other barriers to obstruct the views from the rooftop business during the 20-year agreement,” the filing read.

The lawsuit was filed shortly after the Ricketts family reportedly purchased three rooftop properties.  Combining this real estate purchase and the threat to place large-scale advertising signs may turn out to be an effective negotiation tactic for the Cubs to buy other rooftop clubs at a discount.

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