Does Duke Have the Most Valuable Players?

Given the ongoing intensity of March Madness, college basketball players have been getting a lot of attention. The Business Insider recently released an article about the value of some college basketball players if they were playing in the free market.

Having one of the most respected teams in the NCAA, Duke Men’s Basketball seems to make it pretty far into the Tournament come every March. And although Duke celebrated a big win on Saturday March 19, 2016 against Yale, Duke’s players are not the “most valuable” in the world of college basketball.

If Duke’s players were able to play in a free market without NCAA restrictions, the average player would be worth $1.3 million per year. Although this may seem like an incredibly high value, it is not the greatest. Based on the article, the University of Louisville has the most valuable players, valued at $1.7 million per year.

When considered as a whole, the average Division I player is worth $296,723. While Duke may not have the “most valuable” players, they are still valued much greater than the average player.

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