Duerson Family Backs Off NFL Concussion Settlement Appeal; Heimburger Presses Forward

Former NFL lineman Craig Heimburger recently filed a notice of appeal in an attempt to put a stop to the current $1 billion NFL Concussion settlement. The appeal of the settlement has the potential to delay care for players in medical need of its proceeds by many months. Heimburger’s decision is in stark contrast to that recently made by the family of the late Dave Duerson, who decided against an appeal as they

“[didn’t] want to hold up awards for retirees who need them sooner rather than later.”

On May 27, 2015, two weeks after Heimburger’s notice of appeal, attorney Christopher A. Seeger of Seeger Weiss LLP, co-lead attorneys for Plaintiffs in the NFL Concussion litigation, released the following statement regarding Plaintiffs’ motion to consolidate and expedite the appeals of the NFL concussion settlement:

“We believe these appeals are without merit, and urge the Court of Appeals to set an expedited briefing schedule so they can be heard as quickly as possible. These appeals are heartbreaking news for injured retired NFL players, many who suffer from terminally failing health and are in dire need of this settlement’s benefits. These appellants effectively stand between truly injured retired players and their sole prospect for obtaining these benefits while still alive.”

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