Ending in a Tie: MLB Advanced Media, Orostream Settle Patent Suit Over Mobile App

On Wednesday, June 3, U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap granted a stipulated dismissal of claims between plaintiff Orostream LLC and MLB Advanced Media.  Orostream filed suit in February in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging patent infringement in regards to the MLB.TV mobile app.  According to Orostream, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had issued it a patent in October 1998 titled “Computer Network System and Method for Efficient Information Transfer,” and MLB Advanced Media was repeatedly infringing upon it.

In the complaint, Orostream alleged that MLB Advanced Media committed this patent infringement by creating and using a content distribution system over the Internet.  The suit sought damages that “would constitute a reasonable royalty for the use of the patented technology, together with interest and costs.”  MLB Advanced Media, a digital content provider that works as a Major League Baseball affiliate, has dealt with patent infringement lawsuits in the past.

Two weeks prior, both sides had notified the court of a settlement and obtained a stay with regard to all deadlines in order to allow for time for the dismissal papers to be filed.  Accordingly, the Texas federal judge’s order comes in response to the parties’ stipulated motion for dismissal of claims and counterclaims with prejudice.


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