Former Producer Sues the WWE Over Big Show’s Aggressive Interview That Was All Too Real

Former WWW Producer Andrew Green has filed suit against World Wrestling Entertainment (the “WWE”) and professional wrestler Paul Wight Jr. a/k/a “Big Show” over a messy backstage interview.  Part of Green’s job responsibilities as a producer was to interview wrestlers following their bouts.  Green was asked to interview Big Show after his World Heavyweight Championship bout vs. Alberto Del Rio during January’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.  Big Show initially refused to do the interview until he was informed that it was ordered by a high ranking WWE executive. According to Green’s Complaint, Big Show then began screaming obscenities at Green and physically assaulted him on camera.  Green was then asked to reshoot the interview twice, but WWE executives were unhappy with the reshoots and instead posted the original video on their YouTube channel.

Green claims that as a result of the altercation he developed anxiety issues that forced him to leave the organization as he was uncomfortable working around the Big Show and other wrestlers.  He is seeking damages for assault and negligence from the Big Show and the WWE.

While Green originally filed his suit in Arizona State Court, the WWE is now seeking to move the litigation to federal court as the video in question was posted on their website which is viewed nationally.

Former WWE producer sue company, wrestler Big Show

Too Real, Producer Tells World Wrestling

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