Fox News Chairman Demands Arbitration in Sexual Harassment Case

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, who was recently accused in a sexual harassment suit by former network personality Gretchen Carlson, has demanded the case be sent to arbitration as a condition of Carlson’s employment contract with Fox. Ailes’ demand was made because Carlson’s contract with Fox requires arbitration for any dispute between the parties. Carlson is arguing that because her claims are against Ailes himself, and not the network, the contract does not apply and she is entitled to a public jury trial.

Carlson alleges Ailes committed sexual harassment by demanding sexual favors in return for helping further her career, and that her repeated refusals led to her firing. Ailes claims her firing had nothing to do with sex, and that it was a decision made based on ratings. He has denied all charges, and described Carlson’s claims of sexual harassment as a “shameless publicity campaign” and a “retaliatory suit” in response to the network’s decision to fire her.

Since Carlson filed the suit last week, six other women have come out with similar allegations against Ailes.

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