Grocer Calls Foul, Argues for Sanctions Against Michael Jordan

On Monday, July 27, Jewel Food Stores Inc. told an Illinois federal judge that Michael Jordan and his attorneys should be sanctioned in his right of publicity suit.  The lawsuit arose when Jordan accused the grocery chain of using his likeness without his permission in an ad featured in Sports Illustrated, and according to Jewel, Jordan has violated the court’s order to stop repeatedly asking for judgment.

In its response brief, Jewel argued that Jordan’s opposition to proposed jury instructions violates a court order that Jordan can no longer ask for judgment of liability against the grocery chain.  Accordingly, Jewel insisted that Jordan or his attorneys should be required to pay Jewel’s attorneys’ fees, as this marks the sixth time that it has been required to respond to these rejected requests.

Additionally, Jewel argued that Jordan misstated the law when arguing against the jury instructions and that the court should deny Jordan’s request to certify the issue for interlocutory appeal.  Certifying the request, Jewel continued, will likely not speed up the litigation, as the trial is set for December 8 and the last appeal took the Seventh Circuit 23 months to decide.

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