IAAF Denies 67 Russian Athletes from Olympics

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has denied the applications of 67 Russian track and field athletes for the upcoming Rio Olympics, allowing only long jumper Darya Klishina the opportunity to compete. The Russian track and field organization has been under intense scrutiny for doping violations brought to light by whistleblower Yulia Stepanova, a middle distance runner who has since left the country.

The report from Stepanova resulted in a ban of Russian track and field athletes by the IAAF, which was renewed last month. At the time, IAAF task force head Rune Anderson said “no athlete will compete in Rio under a Russian Flag.” The 25-year-old Klishina has been cleared to compete internationally as she met the “exceptional eligibility criteria” to compete as a “neutral” athlete.

The All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) said they will continue to fight the IAAF decision and Russian athletes will continue preparing for the Olympics. A statement from ARAF detailed their disagreement with the IAAF decision, and said they will take “all necessary technical and organizational steps” to clear their athletes to compete by the time the Games begin on August 5.


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