Impact Of North Carolina’s Likely Repeal Of HB2

As previously discussed on this blog, North Carolina has seen a variety of sports, entertainment, and business organizations voice their disapproval of House Bill 2, otherwise known as the bathroom bill.

Since it was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory, HB2’s financial impact has rippled across North Carolina. In July, the NBA elected to relocate its 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte as a result of the much debated bill. In September, the ACC announced that all neutral-site conference championship games planned to take place in North Carolina would be relocated. Although the PGA of America decided to allowed the 2017 PGA Championship to remain in North Carolina, it denounced HB2 in a written statement and shared its hopes that the law would be changed. These are just examples of HB2’s impact on North Carolina and not an exhaustive list.

However, on December 19, the Charlotte City Council voted 10-0 to rescind their ordinance that resulted in the widely debated HB2 legislation. Shortly thereafter, it was announced from current Governor McCrory’s camp that a special session would be called on December 21 to “reconsider” the law. If HB2 is repealed in the coming days, we may see its controversial impact on the state begin to recede.

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