Seth MacFarlane Sued over Talking Bottle Opener

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The Ted and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane along with Universal Pictures, Media Rights Capital and Target found himself in a legal trouble when Michael Cram who claims to be the inventor of a talking bottle opener filed a copyright infringement suit over a promotional talking bottle opener included in the special edition Blu-ray/DVD of Ted.

In a suit filed on February 25, Cram claimed that he invented the no-button talking bottle opener as well as the talking beer mug and has sold them under licensing deals with more than 61 NCAA schools, Major League Baseball, NASCAR , the NFL, and movie and TV studios.  Doing business as Pacific Productions, Cram also stated over 10 million of the bottle openers through Target stores which has been selling them since 2002.

In addition, Cram argued because he already has a licensing deal with MacFarlane’s Family Guy to incorporate the show’s sounds and images with his product, its creator should have known the product was copyrighted.

According to the court document, Cram seeks nine times actual damages as well as a judgment that MacFarlane and other defendants pay for corrective advertising.

Meanwhile, another copyright infringement suit against MacFarlane is still pending.  The suit was filed by a California production company last year, alleging MacFarlane stole a foul-mouthed teddy bear character from one of its screenplays.

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