Jay Z: You Like It, You Own It

Often seen with his choice of drink, a glass of Armand de Brignac, Jay Z announced his purchase of the champagne brand for an undisclosed amount from Sovereign Brands, a New York-based wine and spirits company.

Jay Z’s interest in the champagne has been well known.  When he and his wife Beyonce hosted a fund-raiser for President Obama in 2012, he included a tower of 350 bottles of Armand  de Brignac Champagne.  The champagne even featured in Jay Z’s 2006 music video for “Show Me What You Got.”

Priced at $300 a bottle, the brand is popular among athletes in various sports teams including the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Bruins.  David Ortiz also celebrated the Boston Red Sox’s 2013 World Series victory with a bottle of Armand de Brignac.

Until 2006, Jay Z was a fan of Cristal, another luxury champagne brand, but decided to boycott it after the head of that company Frederic Rouzaud said, “What can we do?  We can’t forbid people from buying it,” when asked if hip-hop musicians were tarnishing its brand.

The Armand de Brignac champagne, also known as “Ace of Spades” is crafted and marketed by a family-run vineyard in Chigny-les-Roses, France that was established in 1763.

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