Jennifer Love Hewitt Sues a Slimming Product Maker

Furious over an unauthorized use of her photo, Jennifer Love Hewitt filed a lawsuit against the Marz Group that makes a weight-loss vitamin spray.  The company used a photo of the actress holding the spray in its advertisement which was first featured in a popular reality show Shark Tank.  While the company claims various slimming effects of the spray, one investor on the show even said,

“But you realize how stupid this sounds, right? It’s a scam… I mean it’s a hustle.”

In the complaint filed on June 4, Hewitt stated that “a large portion of the Defendant’s marketing campaign hinges on the exploitation of celebrities” and that its unauthorized use of her photo has damaged the actress’s “stellar reputation and credibility.”  Hewitt wants the spray maker to stop using her image and is asking for damages, according to

On the other hand, the Marz Group responded to the news:

“We find this lawsuit hard to swallow given that Ms. Hewitt came to a gifting suite that MarzSprays attended, asked us extensively about our Oral Spray… We legally purchased all of the images of celebrities that attended the gifting suite. In fact, we received a dozen images of Ms. Hewitt reading the ingredients and talking to our employees about the benefits of our products, all of which she posed for. If she didn’t want her image to be used, it’s odd she would attend a gifting suite where she then posed for the camera a dozen times with our products.”

Without an explicit permission from the actress, however, the company is probably better off stop using her photo.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Suing A Shark Tank ‘Scam’ Product For Using Her Image!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sues ‘Shark Tank’ Wannabe . . . You Bit My Image


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