Judge Judy Suing to Protect Her “Prestigious Persona”

Judith Sheindlin – better known as “Judge Judy” – may soon be standing on the other side of the bench.  On March 12, Sheindlin filed her first lawsuit through which she is accusing fellow Connecticut attorney John Haymond of using her image in advertisements without permission.

According to Sheindlin, Haymond and his firm have been airing advertisements in Connecticut and Massachusetts during broadcasts of her show.  Despite a warning to stop in March 2013, the firm continued to run the ads.  The unauthorized ads allegedly combine footage from her show Judge Judy with clips of Haymond and his daughters.  Sheindlin says the ads suggest that she endorses his services.

The suit claims the unauthorized use of Sheindlin’s persona has irreparably harmed and damaged her “hard-earned professional and artistic reputation, dignity, and prestige.”  She commented that his actions are “outrageous” and that “Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and he should know better.”

Sheindlin is asking for $75,000 in damages from Haymond and his firm.  She said any money that she recovers will go toward college scholarships through the Her Honor Mentoring program.

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