Khroma Kroma Kardashian: Makeup Artist Claims Perceived Endorsement by Reality Stars Devalues her Cosmetics

Lee Tillett, an Altamonte Springs makeup artist in Florida, is suing the Kardashian sisters — Kim, Kourtney and Khloe — and Boldface Group Inc. for $10 million in trademark infringement counterclaims, alleging they stole the name of her cosmetics line. Tillett filed her lawsuit on Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles.

Tillett filed a claim last year for copyright infringement, but Boldface sought a declaratory judgment in November to use the Khroma name despite Tillett’s trademark to the name Kroma. Tillett’s counterclaim was filed in response to Boldface’s declaratory judgment.

Tillett maintains the position that Boldface’s use of the name Khroma for a line of cosmetics endorsed by the Kardashians has caused confusion among consumers and, as a result, has damaged her business. According to the suit, “Boldface’s use of the word Khroma is destroying the brand identity and value of the Kroma mark for Tillett.” The worldwide launch of Boldface’s Khroma line endorsed by the Kardashians “has caused Kroma’s consumers and distributors to mistakenly believe that Tillett’s Kroma cosmetics line is associated with the Kardashian sisters.”

Accordingly, Tillett not only seeks a dismissal of Boldface’s suit, but she also seeks an injunction against their use of the Khroma name as well as disgorgement of profits and monetary relief for lost profits, corrective advertising and legal costs, and treble damages for trademark infringement as construed under the Lanham Act.

Altamonte makeup artist sues Kardashian sisters

Altamonte Springs makeup artist sues Kardashian sisters over cosmetics line


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