Lawsuit Claims Binghamton Mets Agreed to Sale

Main Street Baseball LLC, a baseball team ownership group from Delaware, filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court for the Northern District of New York against the Binghamton Mets claiming breach of contract to sell the team.

Main Street Baseball alleges that Binghamton Mets President, Mike Urda, has been trying to sell the team for the past four years and has been negotiating a sale with the Delaware group since last August.  The two parties allegedly negotiated potential sale of the team over the winter of 2014-2015 and agreed to a sale for $8.5 million.  Main Street claims they reached an oral agreement in December and filed a letter of intent in January.  Shortly after, Urda began to back-pedal before ultimately calling it off in March.

Mike Urda has publicly denied the claim, calling it meritless.  He stated that the ownership group is seeking to move the team and the Binghamton Mets will defend the lawsuit vigorously.  The team has had annual low-attendance issues and has often been the subject of sale rumors, though they have been continuously denied.  Urda now states that the current B-Mets ownership seeks a transfer of ownership to a group that will keep the team in the Binghamton area.

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