“Let’s Get it On” at the Heart of Ed Sheeran’s Hit Song?

Ed Sheeran is facing yet another copyright suit. This time, the heirs of Ed Townsend are claiming that the famous song “Thinking Out Loud” sounded too much like “Let’s Get It On” — co-written by Ed Townsend and sang by Marvin Gaye. The heirs assert that “the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic composition in ‘Thinking’ are not the product of independent creation,” suing the singer, record labels, promoters and everybody associated with “Thinking Out Loud.”

The plaintiffs claim that the pop singer “copied the ‘heart’ of ‘Let’s [Get It On]’ and repeated it continuously throughout ‘Thinking.’” Allegedly, the British pop idol was aware of the striking similarity with the Marvin Gaye song as he sometimes performed the R&B classic with his own 2014 hit single. What is more, the plaintiffs apparently confronted Ed Sheeran with the infringement by sending him a notice and informing him about the royalties due.

Townsend’s heirs filed suit in New York federal court arguing that they “are seriously injured by such deception, in that it negatively impacts their ability to distribute, market, and otherwise exploit ‘Let’s [Get It On].’” The heirs also told the court that “[t]his deception…has a negative impact on the Plaintiffs because they are not receiving the credit due for the success experienced by ‘Thinking [Out Loud].’”

Though the suit does not specify a specific amount in damages, they do suggest that they are due the dollar equivalent of 3 million sold copies and 1 billion YouTube views. Last month, Ed Sheeran was also sued for allegedly copying the song “Amazing” sang by Matt Cardle.

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