Lil Wayne Seeks $51 Million from Cash Money Label

On Wednesday, January 28, long-time rapper Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit in NY federal court claiming his label, Cash Money Records, owes him $51 million.

Lil Wayne signed with the label back in 1998 and has been happy with them until 4 years ago. In the past, Lil Wayne has looked to Cash Money head, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, as a type of father, however, the latest album delay seems to have finished off a deteriorating relationship.  Wayne took to Twitter last month, feeling like a prisoner under the label,  to complain about label and the album’s continued delay.  He also apologized to his fans and thanked them for staying with him.

The complaint claims breach of contract as to Lil Wayne and as to his subsidiary, Young Money, for failing to pay royalties and cover overhead costs. Wayne also accuses the label of exploiting one of Young Money’s rising artists, Drake.  Wayne seeks a monetary judgment of $51 million for the several breaches to him and to his Young Money subsidiary.  Representatives for either side have not been available for comment.

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