Lingerie Football League Sued Over Wage Dispute

On Monday, June 30, the former Lingerie Football League (now known as the Legends Football League) was sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by a former player.  Melissa Margulies, formerly of the Los Angeles Temptation, filed the complaint claiming violations of labor laws.

According to Ms. Margulies, the league required its players to sign as independent contractors, thereby avoiding overtime pay and other wage requirements.  Margulies claims this to be a “willful misclassification” as the players were strictly employees of the football league as they were required to go to practices, games, and other events.  The players did not have “the requisite control and discretion over their job responsibilities and duties to deserve treatment as independent contractors,” according to her complaint.

Margulies played in the league for three years and is claiming that she and other current and former players were not paid minimum wage. She is seeking general and compensatory damages.

Lingerie Football League Faces Class Action

Player Sues Group Formerly Known as Lingerie League

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