Man Sues Jay Z and Kanye for Stealing “Made in America”

A musician named Joel Mac filed a copyright infringement suit in New York federal court, claiming that the hip-hop musicians Jay Z, Kanye, and Frank Ocean stole his song.

According to the complaint, Mac allegedly sold a CD containing his 2009 song titled “Made in America” to Mike Dean, one of the producers of Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” album in 2011 outside a New York hotel where the hip-hop musicians were recording part of the album.  Later, when the album was released, Mac discovered that his song “Made in America” was included as number 11 on the album with the same title.

Mac initially filed a similar suit in a New York State court a few months back, seeking $3 million in damages.  In this federal suit, Mac is seeking a share of the “Watch the Throne” profits.

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