Manhattan Federal Jury Says Wall Street Wey Must Pay

After deliberating for just four hours, a federal jury in the Southern District of New York awarded former New York Global Group intern Hanna Bouveng $2,000,001 in compensatory damages. This comes after a 10-day trial in which Bouveng accused New York Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey of assault, battery, defamation, sexual harassment, and wrongfully retaliating against her by firing her after she cut off their sexual relationship. Wey denied Bouveng’s claims, instead alleging that she was fired for poor performance.

The jury was shown, among other things, articles about Bouveng that were posted on Wey’s website, The Blot. The website labeled Bouveng as a prostitute and a fraudster, among other things.

The jury ultimately found that Bouveng did not prove Wey had assaulted her, but found him liable otherwise. The jury will now continue to deliberate on the issue of whether or not punitive damages should be awarded in the case.

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