Miami Marlins Sue Ex-Season Ticket Holder — The Case of Mickey Axelband

Mickey Axelband is self-proclaimed lifelong baseball fan. When the Miami Marlins were formed in 1993, he bought two season tickets and was excited to be part of the new franchise. Now, Mickey finds himself the defendant of a lawsuit. The plaintiff? None other than his beloved Miami Marlins.

In 2012, the Miami Marlins opened up their new stadium—Marlins Park. Axelband agreed to upgrade his two season-tickets and pay $24,000 per season for the pair of seats. As part of the upgrade, the Marlins promised various amenities, in addition to the seats. The ticket agreement was for a two-season duration. The amenities included preferred parking, a special entrance to the stadium, and a pre and postgame buffet in an exclusive lounge.

According to Axelband, the promised amenities quickly disappeared. The special parking and entrance to the stadium were closed. The buffet served the same food each game and began closing around the sixth inning. Axelband sent the Marlins a letter requesting that they provide the promised amenities. The team declined to reinstate the amenities. Axelband, a season ticket holder since the franchises inaugural season, sent the Marlins a letter indicating he would not be paying for the second season of agreement. To Axelband’s surprise, the Marlins then filed suit against Axelband.

Surprisingly, Axelband is not alone. According to the Miami New Times, “The Marlins have sued at least nine season ticketholders and luxury suite owners since 2013. That virtually never happens in sports, experts say. Two stadium venders are also locked in court battles with the team, both alleging the Marlins promised robust crowds and didn’t deliver.”

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