Miss America Organization Sued for Being Stingy

Wednesday, July 2, The Buckeye Group, a business development company based in Beverly Hills, filed a complaint against The Miss America Organization in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey, alleging breach of contract.

In the complaint, Buckeye alleges that Miss America has failed to make good on contractually owed minimum payments to the business stimulation team.  Since 2009, Buckeye has been helping The Miss America Organization restore its financial health and reclaim its cultural significance within the fabric of American society.  Under their latest agreement, Miss America was expected to pay Buckeye a minimum of $300,000 per year for the sponsorships, licensing, and other revenue deals that the Beverly Hills firm secured.

Buckeye states in their complaint that Miss America has paid some of the minimum fee, but not all of it.  Further, Buckeye alleges that Miss America has withheld its financial books.  As Buckeye has contracted to receive commission for licensing deals and other sponsorships it lands for Miss America, the group appears interested in verifying the accuracy of  remittances made to it.  The complaint details a somewhat rocky relationship between the two entities, though they still maintain business contact.  Buckeye is seeking rescission of their latest contract, reinstatement of the previous contract they had with Miss America, and access to Miss America’s financial books and accounting.


The Buckeye Group

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