Moore & Bertuzzi Officially Reach an Agreement

The decade long legal battle between Todd Bertuzzi and former Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore is officially at rest.  After earlier reports of a potential settlement between Moore and Bertuzzi surfaced about two weeks ago, they were quickly undermined by Steve Moore’s brother, Mark, claiming the deal was a farce to pressure Steve into settling.

The allegations were finally ended on Thursday, however, when Steve Moore released an official statement leaving no suspicion or doubt: “the legal case for the loss of my NHL career is over.  I have accepted a settlement agreement which has now been finalized and signed by all the parties.”  As was anticipated, the amount was not disclosed, nor will it likely ever be.

The underlying lawsuit stemmed from an on-ice punch to the back of Steve Moore’s head, delivered by Todd Bertuzzi behind the play.  Moore suffered a concussion and three cracked vertebrae.  As happy as Moore and Bertuzzi may be the case is over, the NHL must be ecstatic to put this matter to rest before the forthcoming concussion-litigation makes its way to the bench.


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