More Former Players Sue NFL for Concussions

On Tuesday, August 13 eighty-three more National Football League (NFL) players sued the NFL regarding concussions related injuries. According to the Washington Times, Pro Bowl players Clinton Portis and Daunte Culpepper were among the players that filed suit.

The complaint alleges that Portis suffers from headaches and is “at a heightened risk of developing further adverse neurological symptoms in the future.”

Earlier this year, Portis stated that he suffered a number of concussions while playing.  He couldn’t give an exact number because there were so many that he “stopped counting at some point.” According to Portis.

I’d get hit hard and be woozy …[and] dizzy.  I’d take a play off and then go back in.  Sometimes when I went back into the game, I still couldn’t see straight.

Occasionally, this would happen more that once per game.

The players’ lawsuit accuses the NFL of the same wrongdoings as 12 other lawsuits totaling over 4,500 plaintiffs.  The players say that the NFL negligently failed to protect the players and concealed knowledge of the long-term effects of concussion related injuries.

All the cases have been consolidated in the U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania. Both sides were ordered to mediation of the claims, and a progress report is due at the beginning of September 2013.

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