Muirfield Village Golf Club Files Trademark Claim

Muirfield Village Golf Club, which hosts the annual Memorial Tournament on the PGA Tour, has sued TCGC Properties LLC for trademark infringement. Muirfield, located in Dublin, Ohio, alleges that TCGC filed a trademark application in early May, attempting to register the Memorial Tournament marks in its name. Therefore, Muirfield claims, TCGC has infringed by attempting to profit off the goodwill generated by Muirfield from hosting the tournament since 1976. TCGC claims they own the Memorial Tournament mark and should have the exclusive right to use the mark outside of the State of Ohio.

Muirfield is seeking a declaration that they own the Memorial Tournament mark, and that they should be able to continue hosting the tournament as well as license the mark for others to sell various Memorial Tournament branded apparel. Muirfield is also seeking damages resulting from TCGC’s alleged infringement. This year’s Memorial Tournament begins tomorrow, June 1, 2017.


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