Court Orders Rihanna to “Talk That Talk”

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Pop star Rihanna was fined $47,050 for repeatedly missing depositions. The singer is suing her ex-accountants Berdon LLP for allegedly mismanaging her money. She says Berdon’s bookkeeping led the IRS to audit her, and now Berdon owes her millions. However, according to Berdon, she has been blowing of depositions since April.

The original deadline for a deposition was April 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, but she pushed that date back to mid-May. Then, the deposition’s May deadline was rescheduled because of her concert.  Most recently, the day of, she cancelled a deposition set to take place in London.

According to Berdon, Rihanna said that she was too ill to answer questions that day. That was after Berdon’s attorneys had flown all the way to London for the deposition. Enraged by the singers actions, Berdon went to court and said she was racking up legal bills by sending them on a “wild goose chase.”

A New York City judge fined Rihanna $47,050 and ordered her to sit for a deposition on August 28, 2013. The judge said if she does not show up for that deposition, the case might be dismissed entirely.

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