Sterling Says the Forced Sale of Clippers is Illegal

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Calling the forced sale illegal, Donald Sterling will challenge the NBA’s attempt to oust him.  He claims that the attempt is illegal because it is based on illegal recording of his racial comments “during an inflamed lovers’ quarrel.”

According to Sterling’s response to the NBA, because the conversation was recorded without his knowledge, the recording is illegal under California law.  Without the knowledge, Sterling also argues, he could not have “willfully” offended the league.

Sterling came under fire when a recording of his racist comments to his female friend was made public.  The NBA charged Sterling with damaging the league and its merchandizing partners.  The league’s constitution allowed Sterling to submit a response to the charges by the end Tuesday.  His wife Shelly Sterling, the co-owner of Clippers, submitted a separate response to the NBA, stating a “vigorous response to the attempt by the NBA to blame her for doing nothing wrong.”

Nevertheless, Sterling has handed his wife a written permission to sell the team.  In his response, Sterling states he has received offers to purchase Clippers “in excess of $2.5 billion.”

The league’s Board of Governors is scheduled to vote on ousting Sterling on June 3.  It would require at least 23 of the other 29 owners to force the sale.

Sterling says NBA ban, forced sale is illegal: LA Times

Donald Sterling changes course, will fight NBA over sale of Clippers

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