NCAA Concussions: Unhappy with Proposed Settlement, Player Fires Attorney

Former NCAA football player and Saints wide receiver Adrian Arrington said in a statement on Tuesday that he wants the Illinois federal judge considering a $75 million NCAA concussion settlement, in which Arrington is a lead plaintiff, to reject it. He claims that the first time he learned about the settlement was not from his attorney, but through the media:

“I feel that I have been misinformed and the preliminary settlement doesn’t address the reasons I filed the lawsuit in the first place … I would like the judge to reject the preliminary settlement. I plan to secure new legal representation to continue this fight to protect future players in NCAA sports,” stated Arrington.

Joseph Siprut, the attorney referenced in Arrington’s statement, responded with the following:

“I’m disappointed that one of the class representatives has decided to withdraw support for our settlement, having apparently adopted some of the misguided and inaccurate views of the settlement expressed in corners of the media and legal filings by other third parties.”

According to Siprut, the current proposed settlement has support from over 20 class representative plaintiffs as well as two retired federal judges who helped structure the deal.

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