NCAA, EA Seeking Attorney Sanctions

On Monday, October 12, 2015, defendants NCAA and Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) filed a petition urging a federal court to sanction plaintiffs’ attorney Scott Kron for “profane” and “outrageous” outbursts during a meeting.

The lawsuit — a class action alleging unauthorized use of student-athletes’ names and likeness — ended in a $60 million settlement in June. However, two student athletes objected to the settlement and have appealed the court’s denial of their objections. Nathan Harris, one of the two objectors, is represented by attorney Scott Kron.

According to the petition, counsel for the plaintiffs held a “telephonic meet and confer” on October 2, 2015, to discuss a motion for an appeal bond before the court. During the meeting, Kron stated that Harris could not afford the bond amount, and refused to inform the others as to what amount Harris could afford or whether Kron was personally required to advance the costs. Kron then “became extremely agitated and loud.” He referred to the settlement as “a piece of [expletive] settlement” and personally attacked the other attorneys.

The NCAA and EA are seeking sanctions requiring Kron to pay attorney’s fees for the “time spent engaging in the meet and confer and time spent preparing the petition.”



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