Injunction on NCAA Player Compensation Set for August 1, 2015

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Tuesday, August 19, the terms of the recent Order lifting the NCAA’s ban on student-athlete compensation was clarified and set in motion.

The O’Bannon plaintiffs and the NCAA filed a joint stipulation last week asking for Judge Claudia Wilken to clarify her order in terms of when the ban on player compensation was to kick in.  The parties at first disagreed over whether any students currently enrolled would be eligible for student-athlete pay in the future, however the disagreement was resolved.

The parties’ stipulation designates the injunction to take effect on August 1 of 2015, the first day of the football and basketball recruitment cycle.  Judge Wilken accepted and signed the proposed order affirming and clarifying her ruling earlier this summer, which the NCAA is currently appealing.

Judge OKs Tweaks To NCAA Player Pay Ban Ruling

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