Ezekiel Elliott Gets Hail Mary; Set to Play on Sunday

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The Second Circuit Court of Appeals granted the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) emergency motion for a temporary order blocking Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension. The order blocks the six-game suspension for domestic violence that Elliott has faced all season and will allow Elliott to play in Sunday’s (November 5, 2017) game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Second Circuit Judge granted Elliott’s request to stay his suspension and the issue will be referred to the next available three-judge panel to expedite the appeal process. The National Football League Management Council claimed there was nothing unfair about the original arbitration decision and that blocking the suspension could lead to issues in enforceability of the collective bargaining agreement.

In its motion for the temporary order blocking the suspension, the NFLPA argued, “[a]bsent expedited relief from this court, a deeply flawed arbitral decision will go into immediate effect, irreparably injuring the reputation and career of a young professional football player.” The NFLPA claimed that Elliott faces irreparable harm because running backs in particular have an average career span of less than four years. Although the Second Circuit Judge granted the NFLPA’s motion, there was no elaboration of its argument. Review of the suspension will likely occur soon before the Second Circuit panel of judges.

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