Jackson Claims Bias in NFLPA

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DeSean Jackson filed a cross-petition in the Central District Court of California last week to vacate an arbitration award against him in favor of his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.  Long-time NFLPA arbitrator Roger Kaplan awarded Rosenhaus $516,000 in unpaid loans and fees.  Jackson seeks dismissal of the award, claiming Rosenhaus violated several NFLPA regulations and that Rosenhaus’ relationship with many members within the NFLPA resulted in biased arbitration.

In his complaint, Jackson points out that NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith, and NFLPA president, Eric Winston, have personal and business relationships with Rosenhaus that makes the NFLPA incapable of protecting players’ rights regarding arbitrations where Rosenhaus is a party.  Jackson cites to several violations of NFLPA regulations by Drew Rosenhaus that ultimately went un-punished and never investigated.  Jackson’s attorney stated, the “NFLPA’s unwillingness to enforce own regulations to protect its players – at least as to certain agents – is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the case of Drew Rosenhaus.”

Drew Rosenhaus has been accused of several violations in the recent past including Terrell Owens’ 2013 lawsuit against him claiming breach of fiduciary duty and fraud.   He is also accused of being involved in illegal recruiting practices of Greg Little and Dez Bryant in 2010.  Rosenhaus has not been sanctioned for any misconduct.

Jackson attributes the NFLPA’s bias toward Rosenhaus to invitations to “lavish parties” and Rosenhaus’ arrangements to “have Kaplan arbitrate other disputes to which Rosenhaus is a party.”  Jackson claims that DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA executive director, helped Rosenhaus secure the attorney he used in arbitration against him.  He also asserts that Winston wants to maintain good ties with Rosenhaus as his re-election for president of NFLPA is forthcoming.

Legal analysis: DeSean Jackson takes aim at NFLPA in $516K dispute with his former agent Drew Rosenhaus

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