Patrick Chung Sued over Posted Trash Talk

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On March 27, 2019, a former Los Angeles Rams ticket executive, Matthew Hogan, sued Patriots safety Patrick Chung and Matthew Weymouth over trash talk that was later posted on social media. According to the lawsuit, Hogan was “forced from his job” and now cannot find a new job after Weymouth, the man who runs Chung’s social media account, posted a text message exchange, between Hogan and Weymouth, where Hogan said, “Patrick Chung is a b***h.”

According to Hogan, the text message was a joke sent to Weymouth; however, Weymouth posted the text messages on Chung’s Instagram and Facebook accounts making it appear as if Hogan sent the messages directly to Chung directly. A caption of the Instagram and Facebook says, “[t]his is disrespectful of you. I would never wish or say anything like this to anyone after they just broke their arm. You should be ashamed bro.” Since the incident, Hogan claims that he was fired and has been unable to find a job elsewhere. Further, Hogan claims that has received harassing messages from fans of Chung. Hogan’s lawsuit seeks more than $1.75 million.

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