Rams Claim They Owe Fans Nothing After Move to Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles Rams responded to requests by fans to refund the purchases they made of useless seat licenses through the 2024 season. According to the NFL team, the plaintiff is misinterpreting the licensing agreements. The Rams are requesting that the court deny the requests of the proposed class.

The Ram’s recent decision to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles has since caused issues with angry fans and season ticketholders. The plaintiffs point to a contract clause that obligates the team to pay back the fans if the team cancels the deals. The Rams are of the opinion that to interpret the contract this way is to ignore “clear and unambiguous” terms in the contract.

The team asserts that the agreements either expire automatically in 2025 or if the Rams moved to a different stadium. In the present case, the Rams moved to Los Angeles, resulting in the expiration of the agreements, according to the Rams. Furthermore, the Rams maintain that the plaintiffs signed and agreed to a clause in the contract that said that the team would not be liable to licensees if they relocated to a different city. According to the Rams, the team’s lack of liability is further confirmed by the underlying stadium agreements between the Rams, St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, and the Regional Convention and Sports Complex authority. Those agreements allow the Rams to relocate without consequences, the team maintains.

The plaintiffs are seeking $50 million in damages for the remaining nine years on the licenses.

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